Pilati Mary's Restaurant


Mary’s is the balanced mixture of a restaurant of classic modernity with a historical background.

In this project the original traditional restaurant of the Kastens Hotel Luisenhof (5 star hotel) was converted into the modern restaurant Mary’s. It was very important to open up the room structurally in order to give the guest a spacious feeling, but also to pick up the history of the house through high-quality materials.


The restaurant combines light beige tones with specially placed accents in red, which are reflected in the large Murano chandeliers, chairs and accessories. Particular attention has been paid to the surfaces and textures, such as the wall panelling, the table parquet or even the furnishings of the private dining niches, to ensure high quality and special features. The custom-made wine refrigerators with bronze surfaces, as well as the tasting area, achieve a special subdivision of the room areas and allow the guest to find his or her favourite place at Mary’s.

“Our team was impressed by the excellent collaboration with PILATI. In addition to using first-class materials, PILATI places great emphasis on building close relationships with their customers.”


Monika Schneider, Director Marketing & Sales