Pilati Klinik Kloster Diessen

Klinik Kloster Diessen

A monastery gets a new life through the planning and implementation as a clinic

Here, an old monastery on the Ammersee was converted into a clinic for psychosomatic illnesses. Pilati planned the project from the first drafts, through the planning application, to the commissioning of the clinic rooms. More than 100 patient rooms were realized. In addition, doctors’ and therapy rooms, nurses’ stations, restaurant, library, lounges and a winter garden were implementation.


Special attention was paid to preserving the historical substance and conditions of the monastery rooms and combining them with the requirements of a clinic. Particular care was taken in the design of the patient rooms to introduce a colour concept that is beneficial to health and to fill it with warm materials and individually designed furniture in order to enable the guests to feel good during their stay.

“Thanks to your perseverance, your attention to detail and your aesthetic sense, a quite extraordinary result could be achieved. So far, every patient, employee and visitor to the Psychosomatic Clinic has expressed their praise for the result. And I was pleased to hear a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, which began with the words: “It won’t get any better!”  


Prof. Dr. Rainer Salfeld, Managing Director at Artemed SE